Welcome to the Cape Girardeau Baptist Association!

We are local Southern Baptist churches that partner together to see every church healthy and multiplying throughout our region and to the ends of the earth. This necessitates our assisting one another in multiplying through planting churches where there are none and coming alongside churches that are in need of renewal so they can join us beyond their own ministry field. You can learn more about how we accomplish this by reading about our ministries which also forms the outline of our core strategy.

It is our desire that our churches would increasingly be known as people who look like Jesus, individually and corporately. We believe this will require each church being intentional about the following:

1. Having a clear, biblical definition of a healthy church target with which to measure their progress and plant new churches.

2. Humbling seeking to continually be renewing in order to more consistently live out this definition.

3. Establishing a residency for pastors and church planters with the intention of sending them out to start new churches.

4. More consistently displaying God's glory, providing a truthful witness of God in their teaching and living.

This compels us to take the gospel to the least reached in our communities and the world so that the glory of God might be made known where it is not known and those that are far from God might be brought near through the atoning work of Jesus Christ. To this end, our ministries locally are designed to proclaim the gospel and equip those who believe to engage in the mission of Jesus. Because we are convinced that this mission is given to the church, our ministries are led by local churches partnering together. You can find a complete list of these partnering churches on this site. If you would like to become a partner, just email, call, or text me!

John Vernon
Director of Missions

IMB Mission Video: "Lostness"