Mission Partnerships
Chairperson: Joann Haas

We have recently concluded a series of round-table discussions to guide the selection and development of our mission partnerships.  Leaders from 14 churches participated in these meetings.  The complete notes from those meetings can be found in the info center on this website.  Some of the topics discussed included: The six elements of a comprehensive mission strategy, guiding principles for determing possible partnerships, existing mission activity among our churches, theological non-negotiables required of partners, and the needs/opportunites for missions education. As there is intentional overlap in our ministries, we also captured some local outreach ideas that can be found on the church development page on this website.

For organizational purposes, we have categorized mission partnerships as North American and International. Please review the locations we are aware of work/partnerships already taking place and let us know if there is a particular parntership you would like to know more about or possibly add to our list. The partnership possibilities we list here will be open to any qualifying partners, whether or not they are a member of the Cape Association. 

North American
- St. Louis, especially the Good Neighbor Initiative they have developed.
- Quad Cities
- Cheyenne WY
- New York City
- Alaska
- Canada
- I-29 Corridor (Kansas City up into Canada, Omaha NE being a key city in the corridor)

- El Salvador, led by Fruitland Community Church
- NE Italy, led by First Baptist, Scott City
- Mexico, multiple opportunities 
- China, many connects locally and in China
- Japan, connects in Perryville, St. Louis, and in Japan
- Peru
- Moldova
- Thailand
- Turkey
- Leadership Development of pastors using BTCP in Haiti

Our association is currently partnering together in the following places:

Northeast Italy

Our association, with First Baptist Church of Scott City leading out, has committed to partner with a church in Belluno, Italy, located in the northeast section of Italy which is 0.046% evangelical. To put that in perspective, the province of Belluno has approximately 200,000 people of whom 92 are evangelical. While 80% of Italy considers itself “Christian”, most are nominally Roman Catholic and it is estimated by the Vatican that only 3% actually even attend Mass on a regular basis. You may also follow the MBC Italy Partnership page on Facebook for updates.

El Salvador

     1) We are training local pastors and leaders with the Bible Training Center for Pastors/Leaders. This is a 10 module program that equips pastors and leaders to lead well by providing a solid biblical foundation as well as training in pastoral skills. Follow the El Salvador Facebook Page for continual updates!










  2) Several of our churches are partnering with a church in El Salvador to assist them to grow and plant churches in other areas of the country.














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538 of Indonesia's 779 people groups do not have even Bible portions available in their primary language. The largest of these is the Betawi, 7,000,000.
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