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Brandon Moore

Like all living organisms, every church is either growing or dying.  The demands of weekly ministry often leaves little to no time to engage in assessing and developing new strategies and plans to ensure continued growth. This is why we believe that it is helpful to invite other leaders to assist in this process.  We currently have people trained in using the Transformational Church Assessment Tool which can give you a good snapshot of where your people believe the church is at, identify areas that would benefit from focused attention, and even develop plans for bringing about desired change in some of those areas. Additionally, several leaders in our association have been trained to lead the Bible Training Center for Pastors/Leaders.  There are currently groups involved in this leadership training in Brush Creek (Puxico), Perkins, Fruitland, and Perryville. We are looking at a new group beginning in the next 2-5 months in South Cape, depending on how quickly the people there wish to begin.

Please contact the associational office to request a time to discuss this or to learn more!

Following are some of the outreach ideas that came up during our Partnership Mission meetings in August 2017:
- seek to align our activities with community events. When a culture shifts from the church being the center of social life to the school or other group, we do not need to create our own events for outreach; we need to find a way to participate in the community events as the church.  Whatever we are doing in our own communities is what we will be doing across cultures on a mission trip. Maybe not being the center of our communiites social life is a way God intends to train us as missionaries.

-Local, but in different towns, outreach opportunities to train members in skills they need developed for mission partnerships. This training could lead to local outreach and church growth in a sister church.

- "Life Skills" seminars where churches lead them and mentor those who are unchurched in whatever area of expertise they possess. Possible skills:
   - home maintenance (basic plumbing and electrical)
   - cooking
   - auto maintenance
   - budgeting and home finance
   - work benefits considerations (retirement, life insurance, health insurance, etc)
   - gardening
   - canning
   - quilting
   - sewing
   - hunting
   - fishing
   - citizenship responsibilities/benefits (informed voting, government services available, etc)


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